Hey everyone, welcome to March! 🙂 … The month is being a little sneaky this year, winter, spring, winter, spring, lol! But, the Bradford pear trees (which I call snow trees) are gracing the horizon with a promise of beautiful blooms forming a segue into the days of warmth that await, …yeh!!! Sooo guess what?!! …March is National Women’s month. OH YES. Let’ s get our hair done, paint our nails, appreciate and salute the amazing women that have trail blazed in history, and into present times paving roads so we can venture and feel confident that no matter what, we can achieve! Today we look at the story of Ann Dunwoody, the FIRST woman four-star General!! WHAT!!! An amazing achievement! Thank you, Ann!

Every day we are aware of the challenges that await… sometimes we get knocked down, but no matter what we have to remember we can get back up, and go after all the dreams that we imagined!!


We would love to hear from you! What are your favorite stories of achievement, who do you admire?! Please let us hear from you and feel free to post your female heroes of all times, there are so many!!! Good things and talk with you again soon, oh, and put on another cup of coffee! 🙂


Hey everyone! Gather round, relax… and let’s have a great time talking about… Spring Break! Yeh! Many of you are probably on your way soon to a Spring family vacay. Yes, it’s that beautiful time of year, the transition to warmer weather, short sleeves, flip flops, and the kaleidoscope of flowers and trees that sprinkle Easter colors along the roadsides. This month has us thinking about all the amazing places in America that there are to visit, and learn about! There are so many journeys that await, and we are so proud of this vast, different, enriched, and fascinating nation that we live in. Soooo here are just a few of the destinations that are definitely on our list, hopefully one day! Please share your favorite locations you have visited in the U.S., or the ones you dream to road trip to! 🙂



America… YOU are awesome, and we salute you, and all those that have fought throughout history to preserve you and our freedom! We truly believe that our epic landscapes and terrains and the vibrant people that make up the fabric of “who we are” …totally reflect the spirit that prevails in our country, giving it complete artistic freedom to express itself. God Bless America! We love you!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone, and we shall chat again soon! Blessings!


Hey y’all. Here we are towards the end of February, whhhaat! Double yikes:) As we are sipping life over coffee (and green tea), we are reminded all too clearly how fast time fast forwards, blips and blurs, and we toast to taking a few hours to just slow down this flash tech world and appreciate the past, the history, the stepping stones that led this great country to where we are now. Imagine walking down a path of history, and getting to talk to all the heroes that echo greatness. Some well known, some not, from all different backgrounds of life, the essence of America.

From Amazing Civil Rights Activist, Harriet Tubman, to John Adams (1735-1826) who was one of the” Founding Fathers” of the United States, to Helen Keller (an American author and inspiration who despite the adversity of being deaf and blind, was the 1st blind person to achieve a Bachelor of Arts degree). To Audie Murphy who won every award available (one of the most decorated) for heroism as a great combat soldier of World War II (also an actor and songwriter), to Susan “Doc Susie” Anderson (1870-1960) who was one of the first female physicians to practice in Colorado and often got paid with food or wood! To Janet Harmon Bragg, 1st African American commercial pilot. Her quote: “I’m not afraid of tomorrow because I’ve seen yesterday, and today is beautiful.” To Alexander Graham Bell, an inventor, as well as scientist and engineer, and who was the inventor of the first telephone. Heroes. America. We are One!


As we reflect on history, it gives us clarity of the present, and the opportunity to be an “everyday hero.” Who are some of your heroes? We would love to hear the stories and the legends that make up who is a hero to you! So let your light shine and remember, no matter what you can be a hero to someone. Live, shine, and encourage! Talk with you soon, and have a beautiful and blessed week!


Welcome everyone, pull up a chair, and let’s chat and share this beautiful bout of Spring that fringes the wind, and has graced our days…. let’s hope it continues. Yehh!!

Sooo, guess what February 17 is y’all? It’s National Random Acts of Kindness Day! We are blessed to say that we have been on the receiving end of kindness “for no other reason” at all… except that the person wanted to help! I remember when I first moved to Nashville, and my car battery went dead, and it was pouring, (I mean monsoon rain), and a nice woman offered to help me, she had some jumper cables. Neither one of us knew exactly “how” to jump off the battery, but we finally figured it out 🙂 …by the end we were both soaking wet, my mascara was running rivers down my face… I will never forget how thoughtful that lady was, and I am forever thankful.


Acts of kindness can filtrate our lives in so many different ways. Sometimes it is a simple smile to someone who may look sad, and saying hello, and asking how they are doing. Sometimes it is paying for someone’s coffee in the Starbucks line. Sometimes it is anonymous giving of funds to an individual or charity. Sometimes it is visiting and singing at the assisted living community. Maybe it’s helping an elderly person across the street, or surprising a friend with flowers. We truly believe that any act of kindness is an immense blessing and can definitely make a difference in a person’s life! It’s like a breath of fresh air, filling our lives with a belief in humanity’s heart. Please share your “random acts of kindness” that you have given, or received! We would love to hear them, and the difference it made in your day or life.


Respect and love for one another… As our world rotates around the sun, and the skies and stars look upon the oceans, lands, trees, streets, and the myriad of people… we can only hope and strive for a reflection that will showcase, “A Wonderful World” …a world that is ever trying to do its best… respecting one another, and most of all sharing love.


Hey Ya’ll… Welcome back!! Cheers and happy Friday! Woo hoo! Can you believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day? Yeh… so what is everyone really, truly wanting for Valentine’s Day?  We’ll take all the chocolate we can get haha! Soo… The greatest is LOVE… love of God, Family, Country, the all encompassing compassion of all of these bundled up into a beautiful light that lives within the heart.



When the sun shines and rises with every cup of coffee, there lies within not only another amazing day, but a gift. A gift to encourage and shine, and give! This is the month of love so pay it forward with an act of kindness. Love with all you have, and be blessed, and let’s all strive to be a blessing!


And we are reminded on this day that we celebrate… the greatest love… John 3:16.

“For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son,
that whoever believes in Him, will not perish, but have eternal life.”


Hey everyone, welcome to another Friday chat session! Can you believe it is already February? Whaaat???… So, we finalllly changed out the Christmas placemats to welcome a month of love, inspiration, and new beginnings. They are flowery, and kinda cool 🙂 …Speaking of super cool… We are so excited about the upcoming Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games that begin on February 8th. Yes! There is nothing like the beautiful American spirit that supports team USA… When you dream, you can achieve, Go team USA!


Soon we will watch the top athletes from all over our nation compete with the world in sports. With this comes a sense of complete camaraderie. This sense of healthy competition encompasses an overall mutual respect and sportsmanship that magnifies the inspiration of the American spirit. This is seemingly the same type of spirit that our forefathers might have felt as they laid their lives down for our freedom. The freedom to chase every aspect of the American dream. Now, as the athletes come together, they push beyond any boundary, where they find that achievements are limitless, and can lead to gold. However, just as important, is the leadership, being an example of peace and love, and friendly competition. America, and the world are together at its best in Olympic spirit, humanity, and respect.


As we tune in to watch the Olympics, check it out!!!


As we reflect and see over the years of Olympic history, the agony of defeat… well, it is not failure, it’s not lack of trying, but it is giving your best and never ever giving up! This is the underlying cheer of our great United States, never, ever, ever give up!! Please share with us your favorite Winter Olympic sport to watch, and we look forward to chatting with you again soon! Go Team USA!

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined.” Henry David Thoreau


It’s Friday! Welcome back and pull up a chair. We hope everyone is having a great week, and getting through all this cold weather! Brrrr… but, it is a good excuse for more coffee, (hot chocolate, or tea) yep, so pour another cup, and let’s chat a while, cheers. Alright, so what’s newsay? Well… we are excited that February 1, is National FREEDOM Day!


From the New York City skyline, over the golden fields of Kansas, to the edge of southern most Florida oceans the common thread of freedom unites our great country. Freedom to dream, and pursue those dreams. Freedom of speech, and express our words. Freedom to believe and worship. This right to freedom filters into our everyday lives so that “we the people” can wake up each morning and strive to achieve and accomplish anything. Now, y’all, that totally inspires us, and is one of the reasons we wrote our children’s book, “The 1947 Freedom Train.” We have the opportunity to create and use the gifts we were given and leave our unique individual fingerprints of our lives to inspire, and help others. What are your dreams, we would love to hear from you and to know what freedom means to you? If you could write about it in a book, poem, or through a song, what would you say?


So, here we are in this most amazing country that has fought for us and our every freedom. The prices paid by the sacrifices of our brave military men and women for all of us… are as vast as the stars we dream upon. We will always thank and honor them!


Until next time, have a beautiful weekend everyone, encourage, smile, and shine! Stay warm and chat with you soon.


Good morning Everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Please pull up a chair and join us at the kitchen table. Here you can always count on coffee brewing in the background, laughter, and several goodies to snack on (Just add popcorn and we’re all good ;). 

Today the cold has frosted the windows and the coffee taste extra bold and sweet while it warms us up. We still have placemats out from Christmas dinner, but hey, 2018 is here, y’all, and it’s been busy so far. 

Each New Year gets us thinking about things we are grateful for. There is something about a fresh start that makes you reevaluate all the good things and people in your life.

Starting with our amazing country! 

Yes, it has its problems, and yes, it isn’t perfect, but there’s something incorruptible about the American spirit, something bold and pure, which speaks to all the possibility bottled up in this collection of places and peoples and stories. Made possible by our freedoms, big and small, and our right to pursue our own dreams.


So we came up with a list of things that we are thankful for as an American. Please feel free to add your list! 🙂

  1. Service men and women, of course. None of this would be possible without them, without their sacrifices. We owe them beyond what any words could ever say.
  2. The places. America is expansive and unique… no two parts of it are the same. From the sleepy east coast beach towns and the southern swamps, to the Grand Canyon and Alaskan forests, we are surrounded by beauty at every turn.
  3. The food. Sure, we get a lot of inspiration from other places, but we have a way of making it something all our own. Especially southern food. Yeh, Kathie’s favorite… Cheese grits and gravy biscuits all day. Kathy’s favorite being from the west coast… a big, fresh crispy salad topped with fruit. What are some of your favorite foods? Please share them with us!  
  4. The patriotism. Our friend Webster defines patriotism as: “Love or devotion to one’s country.” We’re proud of who we are as a nation, all the battles we’ve fought and injustices overcome. We’re proud and thankful every day for the military heroes and their families who have given up so much for the people who live under this flag.
  5. The history. Throughout we find the faces of heroes that paved the way and as each page turns through time; their bravery has led to building blocks of this great country and it’s everlasting spirit of community.


Artist Michael G. Reagan, Portraits of Fallen Heroes. This is amazing and healing!



Yes, we believe, we can all look up into the vast stars that shine along the endless horizons and we can dream. Those fifty stars that light our waving flag we salute, and give tribute today, and every day… from our homes, from our kitchen table to yours, Happy New Year! Please share your hopes for the New Year, stories, or and any comments you may have, we want to hear! Chat again with you soon, and God Bless America!

Happy 4th of July Book Debut Anniversary!

unnamedHAPPY 239TH BIRTHDAY AMERICA! The debut of our children’s book, “The 1947 Freedom Train” happened one year ago at the National Infantry Museum in Columbus, Georgia and fireworks filled the sky that evening in celebration! We could not have imagined a more perfect setting to introduce our book to the world. This year we were invited back to the National Infantry Museum’s 3rd annual “Freedom Fest.” In addition, we were also invited to the Hidden Lantern Bookstore in Rosemary Beach, Florida for a book signing. So- Kathie drove down to Rosemary Beach, and I went to the National Infantry Museum. After a year of meeting people from all over the U.S., it is still mindboggling when we ask the question, “Have you ever heard of the 1947 Freedom Train?” You’d be surprised at how many people have not heard about this historical event, including history majors! This is one of the many reasons we are excited to share our story with everyone we meet.

Each of us had a great time signing our book and meeting wonderful people from many different places. Children of course loved our treasure boxes filled with candy -but also hearing about the treasures of our great nation that were aboard the 1947 Freedom Train. Both parents and children are always captivated as they turn the pages and enjoy the beautiful illustrations.IMG_1521

Our goal is for our children’s book to find its way into every home and school in America so that the values of patriotism, respect for all our military heroes and appreciation of our great freedoms can be taught via this profound historical event. We want everyone to be apart of the Freedom Train family and hope that you will climb aboard and travel with us on new adventures throughout this upcoming year as we celebrate our great country. Please tweet and share about our book and website: with everyone you know! We truly believe our book can inspire a movement in this upcoming generation of children, coupled with their motivation to learn more about the amazing documents aboard the train and the rich values of our country.

Helen Keller Author Festival in Tuscumbia Alabama

20150627_152053_resizedunnamedHaving Google mapped directions to places many times before, it was natural to do so in regards to our first Author Festival. We figured that of course the Google map directions were accurate when they showed that it would take a mere 30 minutes to drive from Phenix City to Tuscumbia, Alabama. This translated to a mere 10 minute trip from Auburn for Kathie.

Four days prior to the Helen Keller Author Festival- which had been on the calendar for three months- we were both having conversations with our husbands in regards to the time frame. Kathie and I insisted that we were right, until they both pulled up the more accurate… real accurate… Google map directions showing a 4 hour and 22 minute estimated time of arrival! Our phone call to each other was filled with laughter and disbelief as to how this could actually have happened! Kathy still cannot forget the much shorter 30 minute red line that had previously appeared on her screen, as she was the one who had Googled the original directions!20150626_080641_resized-1

Since the festival is a two-day event, booking a hotel was the next priority. To make things more difficult, whenever we attend any type of event or meeting with each other, we always have to transpose the time frame into, “my time” and “your time,” even though we live 30 minutes from each other. Phenix City is on EST time and Auburn is on CST, which always provides a scenario for a comical interaction between us as we both repeat the “time” phrases several times prior to ending the phone call.

Well, knowing we would be leaving at 3:30 A.M. from Auburn, I became extra focused on communicating to Kathie what time we would be leaving in “her time.” I inadvertently ended up setting my alarm an hour earlier than necessary and after the first few sips of coffee, I realized what I had done! So consequently, the dishwasher got unloaded, I was able to curl my hair and enjoy a full cup of coffee prior to my departure.20150627_152035_resized20150627_151436_resizedWe had a great time talking and laughing on the trek up as always! Cold Water Books, who hosted this annual event, is simply a beautiful bookstore. Tuscumbia is actually the birthplace of Helen Keller, for which the city is understandably very proud. Meeting the authors whose books sell there as well was a profound blessing. They were all so genuine and kind and we shared a love for each others’ books and passion! We acquired many new fans of our book as we signed their copy. One grandma was leaving for Hawaii the following week to see her grandchildren. So as far as we know, this will be our first book in the Aloha state!