This is a fictional story about a historical event that will help children begin to understand the importance of the U.S. documents that protect the freedom of Americans. The real-life 1947 Freedom Train carried the nation’s vital founding documents around the country to show them to Americans of all ages. The Freedom Train’s journey helped viewers see the laws that have worked to protect freedom for all Americans since the founding of the country. Learning about the 1947 Freedom Train will also help today’s children see the importance of honoring the men and women who have secured the country’s freedoms, allowing its citizens to continue to live at peace.

We believe our book is sure to become a teacher treasure as it can be used as a resource to begin to build a foundation of knowledge about America’s founding documents by understanding their importance through this historic event. When students learn about this event, it will lead to a natural curiosity and motivation to understand more about the history behind America’s founding documents. The activities below have been designed with a Multiple Intelligence format that has the flexibility to be integrated with this knowledge, if interested. But just as easily, you have the opportunity to individually pick and choose which activities that would be of interest to your classroom.

It is a great read-aloud for K-2 grade classrooms being spread out over several days. Our Author Visits find the 3-5 graders thoroughly engaged for the read-aloud and with this, a compelling read for these students. It is simply an all around “good fit” book! We are proud to note that our book was professionally edited by, Nora Cohen, a renowned children’s book editor at


Students will understand the significance that the 1947 Freedom Train had upon millions of people as they stepped aboard and viewed America’s founding documents. This, in turn, will help students learn the importance of the founding documents for their own lives while continuing to appreciate the military men and women who have served to protect their freedoms.

Getting Started

However you plan to use these activities, it all begins with reading aloud the All-American story, The 1947 Freedom Train. This story will thoroughly engage your students and motivate them to learn more about America’s founding documents that were aboard the train, especially when you inform them of some of the possible exciting activity ideas below. After hearing this story, students will want to read the book again and again as they admire the wonderful illustrations. This story and the activity ideas can be used any time throughout the school year.

Curiosity Question For Students


What do you think about over 3 million people, including children, in over 300 United States cities, waiting in long lines for up to 6 hours in some places, through heat, rain, sleet and snow to step aboard the red, white, and blue Freedom Train to see America’s founding documents?

What do you think? We’re thinking…if millions of people, including children, went through all of this to board the Freedom Train to see these documents, it is going to be very cool to learn more about America’s founding documents!

We hope you hop on board to find out even more about all the exciting documents of our great country.

Questions to Create AR Test for your School:

(Grade level: 3.5, Word Count: 3,389)

1. What prized treasures did the 1947 Freedom Train carry?

1. Diamonds and gold
2. The United States’ documents of freedom
3. The Constitution
4. The Bill of Rights

2. Who protected the Freedom Train day and night?

1. The police
2. Guards
3. United States Marines
4. United States Army

3. Which president sent a letter to the American Heritage Foundation to thank them for its help and involvement in making sure the Freedom Train traveled all around the United States?

1. President Truman
2. President Roosevelt
3. President Eisenhower
4. President Obama

4. How many people went aboard the 1947 Freedom Train as it traveled over 37,000 miles around America?

1. Over 1 million
2. Over 3 million
3. Over 2 million
4. Over 1 thousand

5. What lesson did Grandpa Charles want his grandchildren and their friends to learn?

1. New beginnings all start from great ideas
2. New beginnings all start from thinking
3. New beginnings all start from caring ideas
4. New beginnings all start from the heart

Here are step-by-step directions of how to create and enter an AR test for your school: AR Test Instructions

Freedom Blog 4 Kids

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Help Each Loyal Patriot (H.E.L.P.)

kids saluting Here is a fantastic Community Service project your school or organization can consider starting. It will be exciting to find out about organizations where you live that are helping American Veterans and their widows and families.

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The 1947 Freedom Train is sure to be a family favorite and teacher treasure
for generations to come.
It’s an untold story that inspires patriotism, respect for all our military heroes,
and appreciation of our great freedoms!