Monthly archives: March, 2018


Happy Good Friday… and Happy Easter Sunday! …Time to dust and open windows and let the sunshine warm the kitchen table and fill the room! …Yes, let’s rejoice, sing, and celebrate together the Resurrection of Christ! What a wonderful time of year where families and friends gather and enjoy their own special way to welcome Easter! I remember one Easter we went to a church service where you could bring your pets …and there were even llamas there! It was an outside service under cobalt blue skies with wisps of feather white clouds. The breeze seemed to know just when to send a coolness, as the bright green leaves tossed over the tin roof as we sat on wooden benches. We all may have our special things we do for Easter …our traditions… they are like comfort foods that tend to warm the soul with a breath of familiarity. Whether its dying Easter eggs, and having your own Easter egg hunt in the back yard, or going to the church’s big eggstravaganza 😉 …night church service, or sunrise service, …it is a tradition with family and friends! We would love to hear what some of your Easter plans are, and let’s share in this happy time of celebrating the Resurrection!


As we all may know, sometimes there are phases in life where doubts linger around and try to steal our attention. Imagine being at the tomb of Christ and having that faith that He will arise again. Sometimes when fear overrides our faith, we just have to believe, step out and know that Christ is in every part of life… guiding and protecting. Like seasons are to a year, and tides are to oceans, the history of the words in red resound the ignited truth, that He lives!

We can’t wait to hear from you! Chat again soon, …and … I’m thinking coffee sure goes great with Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter Easter candy 🙂 Yum! 😉


Good morning everyone! You will be glad to know that we have officially (finally) changed out the place mats at the kitchen table to bright spring colors as a reminder of this joyous time of year. A season of color, of everything in blossom, as the birds await the final cue to sing! …Also, ummm… We need extra coffee, as it is kinda still dark these early hours in the morn 🙂 …Sooo let’s talk… Grace, oh the beautiful warmth of grace… like warm honey… from God, from a friend, from someone you just met! Yes… We are so thankful everyday for grace, and for the opportunity in this amazing country to worship and believe the way we want. There are so many lives that have fought for that. So many families that have lost a loved one so that we can all enjoy that freedom of worship. As Easter approaches, we are constantly reminded of the sacrifices that so many brave men and women made so that we can “Praise” in any fashion we want!


In our day-to-day lives, we all may want to achieve a greatness that we can call our own. Somehow make a difference, to impact, to leave an impression on the world, hoping to make it a better place, right? …We love this quote by Mother Teresa, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with GREAT LOVE!” …How amazing and everlasting is this thought. That no matter how small YOU think your actions are making, if you do them “out of love” it is yet a GREAT act that makes a BIG difference! Yehhh! We want to hear from y’all. What is something that YOU want to do for others, what kind of grace have you experienced from others, or God? We welcome your stories. Let’s build community together, get to know each other, and spread love and grace. Talk with you soon, and don’t y’all love all the bright colors of spring! If happiness was a color what would that be for you? Chat soon, until next time, much love.


Hey everyone, welcome to March! 🙂 … The month is being a little sneaky this year, winter, spring, winter, spring, lol! But, the Bradford pear trees (which I call snow trees) are gracing the horizon with a promise of beautiful blooms forming a segue into the days of warmth that await, …yeh!!! Sooo guess what?!! …March is National Women’s month. OH YES. Let’ s get our hair done, paint our nails, appreciate and salute the amazing women that have trail blazed in history, and into present times paving roads so we can venture and feel confident that no matter what, we can achieve! Today we look at the story of Ann Dunwoody, the FIRST woman four-star General!! WHAT!!! An amazing achievement! Thank you, Ann!

Every day we are aware of the challenges that await… sometimes we get knocked down, but no matter what we have to remember we can get back up, and go after all the dreams that we imagined!!


We would love to hear from you! What are your favorite stories of achievement, who do you admire?! Please let us hear from you and feel free to post your female heroes of all times, there are so many!!! Good things and talk with you again soon, oh, and put on another cup of coffee! 🙂


Hey everyone! Gather round, relax… and let’s have a great time talking about… Spring Break! Yeh! Many of you are probably on your way soon to a Spring family vacay. Yes, it’s that beautiful time of year, the transition to warmer weather, short sleeves, flip flops, and the kaleidoscope of flowers and trees that sprinkle Easter colors along the roadsides. This month has us thinking about all the amazing places in America that there are to visit, and learn about! There are so many journeys that await, and we are so proud of this vast, different, enriched, and fascinating nation that we live in. Soooo here are just a few of the destinations that are definitely on our list, hopefully one day! Please share your favorite locations you have visited in the U.S., or the ones you dream to road trip to! 🙂



America… YOU are awesome, and we salute you, and all those that have fought throughout history to preserve you and our freedom! We truly believe that our epic landscapes and terrains and the vibrant people that make up the fabric of “who we are” …totally reflect the spirit that prevails in our country, giving it complete artistic freedom to express itself. God Bless America! We love you!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone, and we shall chat again soon! Blessings!