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Kathy Maggart (left) and Kathie Eidson (right), co-authors of The 1947 Freedom Train

Kathy Maggart (left) and Kathie Eidson (right)

Kathy and Kathie have dreamed for years to one day write a children’s book! That opportunity was finally initiated when Kathy’s husband, Tim- who co-wrote songs with Kathie- kept telling them individually that they needed to meet. He knew before they did that they would become the best of friends! He was exactly right, as their friendship over the past few years has truly been a tremendous gift. During this time, Kathy’s husband co-wrote a song with his friend, Jon D’Agostino, entitled “Freedom Train,” after he discovered the history of the 1947 Freedom Train one day while reading articles on the internet.

Her husband then encouraged her for months to write a children’s book about this beautiful, patriotic, and historical event. After much consideration and research, Kathy decided this was a book she had to write. She knew there was no one she would rather invite to co-author the book, than her dear, talented friend, Kathie.

From there the amazing journey began and they are thrilled that you have connected with them and also share the enthusiasm of telling this beautiful untold story of our country. Everywhere they go, they discover that people have never heard of the 1947 Freedom Train that traveled the United States for 17 months carrying our nation’s most valuable documents of freedom.

Well, that reality is about to change as they introduce their book, The 1947 Freedom Train, so those everywhere can learn about this amazing history and its impact on our country! This All-American story will greatly inspire children and adults of all ages to deeply appreciate their freedoms. May it continue to foster honor, respect and gratitude for the tremendous sacrifice that has been so generously given by all military and their beloved families, past, and present. The authors’ dream is for all families and teachers everywhere to embrace this story and let it impact their lives forever. We love America!

Meet the Authors

Kathy Maggart

Co-author Kathy Maggart began working with children from the earliest years of babysitting and has fond memories of reading aloud to her younger siblings amidst shared laughter. After she became the mother of her own daughter and son, Kathy created a part-time business as a professional storyteller- incorporating costumes, movement, and singing with guitar to help each story come alive while motivating young children to love reading.

Later on, she went back to school and earned her master’s degree in elementary education. She became a schoolteacher for many years, focusing on innovative techniques to help implement the process of learning. She taught first and second grades, with a passion for teaching young children to read.

Kathy’s patriotism is rooted in her upbringing in a Navy family. She was born on a military base in Olathe, Kansas and raised for the most part in San Diego—with a short 18-month stint on Midway Island in the South Pacific for a year of elementary school. For the first ten years of her marriage, her husband was on active duty in the U.S. Army as a Physical Therapist. Their son served in an Army Reserve Air Traffic Control Unit and spent a year on duty in Kuwait. He currently works for the F.A.A. as an Air Traffic Controller. Their daughter followed in Kathy’s footsteps as an educator and is currently a Theatre Teacher/Director, grades 6-12.

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Kathie Eidson

Co-author Kathie Eidson is the mother of one son and three daughters, whom she has home schooled for many years. As a homeschooler, she strived to make learning fun through art projects, science experiments, field trips, book clubs, and fort building.

When Kathie was a child, she began writing poetry, which transpired over the years into writing song lyrics. She has been an avid songwriter for many years, and believes in the power of words. She often travels to Nashville to write with friends, as well as with people closer to home.

Her husband’s father and grandfather served in the Army. His grandfather received the Purple Heart medal while in the military, and her uncle served as a military pilot.

Kathie and her twin sister, Kelly, were involved with gymnastics in their youths and competed in the Junior Olympics. In addition to writing songs, Kathie also enjoys running, hiking, and the world of art.

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Meet the Illustrator

Skip Bowers

Illustrator Skip Bowers graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design and has worked for many years in animation, illustration, graphic design, and television production. He worked at both Warner Brothers and Disney, doing special effects for the movies Mulan, Tarzan, and Hercules. Skip has his own studio, Bounce 789, and has done illustration and design work for many large firms.

Skip’s grandfather was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army and served in WWII and in the Korean and Vietnam wars. His grandfather earned three purple hearts during his time of service and is buried in Arlington Cemetery. Skip and his wife live in Newnan, Georgia, and have a son and two daughters. In addition to creating in the world of art, Skip enjoys spending time with his family and golfing.

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