Questions to Create AR Test for your School:

(Grade level: 2.5, Word Count: 3,389)

1. What prized treasures did the 1947 Freedom Train carry?

1. Diamonds and gold
2. The United States’ documents of freedom
3. The Constitution
4. The Bill of Rights

2. Who protected the Freedom Train day and night?

1. The police
2. Guards
3. United States Marines
4. United States Army

3.Who was the president at that time that sent a letter to the American Heritage Foundation to thank them for its help and involvement in making sure the Freedom Train traveled all around the United States?

1.President Roosevelt
2. President Truman
3. President Eisenhower
4. President Kennedy

4. How many people went aboard the 1947 Freedom Train as it traveled over 37,000 miles around America?

1. Over 1 million
2. Over 3 million
3. Over 2 million
4. Over 1 thousand

5. What lesson did Grandpa Charles want his grandchildren and their friends to learn?

1. New beginnings all start from great ideas
2. New beginnings all start from thinking
3. New beginnings all start from caring ideas
4. New beginnings all start from the heart

Here are step-by-step directions of how to create and enter an AR test for your school: AR Test Instructions