Author Visit Reviews

“Kathy Maggart, co-author of ‘The 1947 Freedom Train’ lets the words from her new book retell an old, almost forgotten story. The story of the journey that our nation’s most precious documents traveled in late 1947. The clever characters, so beautifully depicted in this book, are inspired by their grandfather to build their own Freedom Train and retell the story to others. The innocent beauty of the characters in this story has many learning precious lessons of freedom and American pride. This book has beautiful illustrations that capture the heart of all who read it. It’s a great read­-aloud and lends itself to much discussion. I would highly recommend an author visit to your school, as ours was a huge success. All Aboard!”

-Carol A. May

Wintergreen Magnet School
Technology Integration Teacher

“My 5th grade class was so excited to hear about Kathy Maggart and her book, ‘The 1947 Freedom Train’ and they were over the moon when I told them she would be visiting our classroom during our school wide Read the Most from Coast to Coast event. Kathy did an amazing job of reading the story, and bringing it to life for my students. The captivating story along with the vivid illustrations had them engaged from the very beginning until the very end. The kids had so many great questions, and are still talking about it.”

-Tracey Blakeney

Lakewood Elementary School
5th Grade Teacher

“Our school was very fortunate to be able to meet the authors of ‘The 1947 Freedom Train’ and hear their story. The students and teachers were all enlightened by this valuable piece of history that has been kept a secret for so long. Thanks to Kathy Maggart and Kathie Eidson, our students and staff have been intrigued to research more about this Freedom Train. Their website is user and kid friendly and provides parents, teachers and students with a wealth of information. I would recommend them to all elementary schools! They were able to answer all of our students and teachers questions with ease! Fabulous story and beautiful illustrations! A must have!!”

-Tessa Dunn

East Smiths Station Elementary School
Media Specialist

“Kathy Maggart came to Lakewood Elementary School for READQUEST 2016. Our time began with a wonderful PowerPoint that gave information to the students about the 1947 Freedom Train. She is such an intriguing speaker, and the students were attentive the entire time.  As she read the book, the students were so excited to learn about something they had never heard of before. The students’ favorite part was the question and answer time at the end. She answered all their questions about the history of the Freedom Train as well as writing a book and getting it published. Having her at the school made our students want to put so much more time and thought into their writing. It was a treat to have Kathy Maggart at our school and if you have the opportunity to have her, you won’t regret it!”

-Amanda Owens

Lakewood Elementary School
3rd Grade Teacher

“The Freedom Train for Kids program is an informative, innovative, and energetic presentation students of all ages will enjoy! Kathy Maggart is a phenomenal storyteller who knows what it takes to keep students engaged while learning. Her presentation at Glenwood School took students through our nation’s rich history and really brought a sense of American pride to the classroom. I highly recommend her program for every school!”

-Dr. Julie Graham

Glenwood Elementary School
Assistant Headmaster at Glenwood

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