Hello everyone! Happy Friday and cheers of cold lemonade. I remember growing up and pouring lemonade in the ice tray to make the best frozen lemonade slushy ever! 🙂 …We’ve got the window half open, to let in a constant breeze carrying dandelions and mixed with summer-like heat. The beautiful aroma of honeysuckle and flagrant flowers fill the room, and grace the kitchen table. Thankful for nature, and it’s beautiful seasons …. ahhh, summertime awaits. Guess what…. Another thing we are FOREVER grateful for is our brave military! It is Armed Forces week! We celebrate, with a heart of gratitude, and endless appreciation in your honor…. We are a nation, connected, and thankful for each and every one of the brave heroes and their families that serve in our great military, Thank you!!!!!

How does your town celebrate Armed Forces week? We would love to hear from you, and appreciate you sharing your stories with us!!

We look forward to hearing from you, and chat with you soon! Love and Blessings!

~Connecting America with a Heart of Patriotism~