A Real Moving 1947 Freedom Train Model

From the moment I met Verle… my eyes could not stop watering. This wonderful man, a train enthusiast and collector, learned about the New American Freedom Train Show coming to Arizona, through my husband’s mom, Ann. Once he heard about the 1947 Freedom Train, his curiosity became alive and he began an intense search to see if he could possibly find a model. Verle really had no idea why he was so compelled to find this train, especially because he had never met my husband and I before, but continued his search thanks to that still small voice.

Within a few months, he was able to find one remaining model of this train, complete with tracks, and the ability for the train to talk about this historical event as well as produce smoke, using oil! The smoke is unbelievable and looks so cool floating above the train as it moves around the railroad tracks. With passion in his heart, he explained in detail everything we would possibly need to travel around the United States with this model. You can see the diagrams that he drew by hand and pictures he took to help us understand how to use and safely store the train.





Wow… my eyes are watering again just thinking about everything that he did for us along with helping raise the money to pay for this amazing gift!


After watching the New American Freedom Train Show, Verle finally understood exactly why he had to find this train. His heart was deeply touched by the amazing music, band and multimedia that wholeheartedly engaged the audience. From the beginning of the show with a Marine saluting the MIA/POW table to the last note sung of original music that honors our military and encourages faith, family and country- Verle was on board. The 1947 Freedom Train model will now travel the country with the show and bring excitement to people from the moment they walk into the lobby where we sign our children’s book, “The 1947 Freedom Train.”