Hey everyone, welcome to March! 🙂 … The month is being a little sneaky this year, winter, spring, winter, spring, lol! But, the Bradford pear trees (which I call snow trees) are gracing the horizon with a promise of beautiful blooms forming a segue into the days of warmth that await, …yeh!!! Sooo guess what?!! …March is National Women’s month. OH YES. Let’ s get our hair done, paint our nails, appreciate and salute the amazing women that have trail blazed in history, and into present times paving roads so we can venture and feel confident that no matter what, we can achieve! Today we look at the story of Ann Dunwoody, the FIRST woman four-star General!! WHAT!!! An amazing achievement! Thank you, Ann!

Every day we are aware of the challenges that await… sometimes we get knocked down, but no matter what we have to remember we can get back up, and go after all the dreams that we imagined!!


We would love to hear from you! What are your favorite stories of achievement, who do you admire?! Please let us hear from you and feel free to post your female heroes of all times, there are so many!!! Good things and talk with you again soon, oh, and put on another cup of coffee! 🙂