Hey everyone! Welcome, how bout we all take a break from the taxes (Yay)! …pull up a chair and savor a cup of coffee and toast to the wonderful month of April… the month of rain showers… yes, the rain that nourishes those beautiful May flowers and fills the rivers and oceans. We love the way the flowers, leaves, rivers and oceans hold the raindrops and you can see the sun’s reflection like diamonds (April’s Birthstone)! Do any of you have an April Birthday? We would love to hear from you! …Sometimes April reminds us of new beginnings, change, and strength. It’s like hanging up the winter jacket, and reaching for the sunglasses yehhhh 🙂


Speaking of “new beginnings” …The quote in our book, “New beginnings all start from caring ideas” to us… truly resonates a passionate message. It seems that when we are caring, the motion starting the new idea, beginning, change… is from a genuine place. A place that makes us think about every day, and how we treat others, and a constant reminder to be thankful along the way. Change can bring strength. Y’all know what we’re talking about. It’s like you get used to something being one way, and when you have to change, it’s scary sometimes! However, when you make it through and look back, there is a feeling of strength and accomplishment. I love this song “How Would you live Today” (by Nate Sallie)… how would you change, if you just had today? “New beginnings all start from caring ideas”.


Love and blessings, and chat again next week!