Hey y’all. Here we are towards the end of February, whhhaat! Double yikes:) As we are sipping life over coffee (and green tea), we are reminded all too clearly how fast time fast forwards, blips and blurs, and we toast to taking a few hours to just slow down this flash tech world and appreciate the past, the history, the stepping stones that led this great country to where we are now. Imagine walking down a path of history, and getting to talk to all the heroes that echo greatness. Some well known, some not, from all different backgrounds of life, the essence of America.

From Amazing Civil Rights Activist, Harriet Tubman, to John Adams (1735-1826) who was one of the” Founding Fathers” of the United States, to Helen Keller (an American author and inspiration who despite the adversity of being deaf and blind, was the 1st blind person to achieve a Bachelor of Arts degree). To Audie Murphy who won every award available (one of the most decorated) for heroism as a great combat soldier of World War II (also an actor and songwriter), to Susan “Doc Susie” Anderson (1870-1960) who was one of the first female physicians to practice in Colorado and often got paid with food or wood! To Janet Harmon Bragg, 1st African American commercial pilot. Her quote: “I’m not afraid of tomorrow because I’ve seen yesterday, and today is beautiful.” To Alexander Graham Bell, an inventor, as well as scientist and engineer, and who was the inventor of the first telephone. Heroes. America. We are One!


As we reflect on history, it gives us clarity of the present, and the opportunity to be an “everyday hero.” Who are some of your heroes? We would love to hear the stories and the legends that make up who is a hero to you! So let your light shine and remember, no matter what you can be a hero to someone. Live, shine, and encourage! Talk with you soon, and have a beautiful and blessed week!