EPK Nashville Adventure

So, a few weeks ago, we went in to start our EPK (Electronic Press Kit) with the very talented Doug Lowe. We did a few interviews with him, and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better. For starters, Doug has six sisters, so he totally understood our need to spend a half an hour on our makeup and hair. Not to mention his humble repression of laughter as we tried not to knock over his lights or trip over all the cords as we made our way to our spots. After getting settled in the studio, we were ready to roll- Or so we thought!

We had spent quite a bit of time preparing what we were going to say in front of the live camera (yes, LIVE) and had gotten together the night before to practice our lines. We thought we were ready for this! Turns out, a lot of our memorization was for naught, and in retrospect, that was a good thing. Doug, the expert, knew exactly what we needed to say and when to say it, and had an amazing way of spicing up whatever we wanted to get across with more panache.

Unfortunately, we’re both a bit challenged when it comes to memorizing on the spot. The lines were there one second, gone the next—and the takes began to build: Take 1, Take 2, Take… wait, what take was it again?! It took us a while to memorize our lines, and Doug had patience that bordered on the supernatural.

In the end, we got it done with only a few major mishaps, and more than a few minor ones! Our favorite part of it was Doug singing with us at the tops of our lungs with the music cranked up, shaking off our nerves to “I Can Do Anything” (enter shameless plug) which is the feature song on our EPK, and on the Happy Racers kid’s album (end shameless plug). All in all, we had a ton of fun, learned a lot, and have finally got our EPK rolling. Lights… Camera… Action… You can see the EPK on our homepage now!

Here is a recap of some of the most-used phrases throughout the day:

“I’m sorry, can we do that again?”
“Is my makeup okay?”
“Is my hair okay?”
“I forgot, what was I suppose to say again?”
“Messed up again, sorry!”
And from Doug:
“Put your toe on the tape.”
“Wait until I give you the thumbs up to start.”
“That’s another great blooper!” (What a nice way of putting it!)
“You’re doing great!”
And our favorite one- “Perfect!” [When we finally managed to get it right ;)]