Over Starbucks Coffee and pumpkin bread, Kathie, Layne Ihde and I shared a great evening together talking about our vision for a children’s album to accompany our book. It was so inspiring- and it was clear that we are simply all on the same sheet of music!

With guitar in hand, Layne worked out the melody as we all brought the lyrics to life. Contemporary, educational and fun is what we are all striving for with our music and I think we are definitely accomplishing that. This will be easy for Layne- he is the cool trumpet player in the awesome “Happy Racers” kid band with Nathan Meckel as the lead singer! You have to hear it to believe it, it is just the most awesome kid music ever produced. We are beyond happy to begin this song-writing journey with the super cool band member of the “Happy Racers,” Layne Ihde.

Layne, Thanks for the great time so far!