Look at our book cover!

Kathie and I had our first day of marketing everyone! We painted Columbus red, white and blue as we shared The 1947 Freedom Train book to local bookstores. As usual, our day was filled with adventure, laughter, and tons of fun! It started at our very first bookstore, and we admit we were so nervous with butterflies of excitement.

Dressed professionally, we sat in the car that was parked right in front of the first bookstore we were going to enter with plans of showing the manager our book.  Of course, I had typed out and printed an outline of what we needed to say in advance upon meeting the manager.  It wasn’t until after sitting in the car for 20 whole minutes of “rehearsing,” and figuring out what each person was going to say and hold- (book, bookmark, business card, cover letter, only one person’s purse and car keys!-), we had noticed the three men sitting in chairs in front of the store, about 20 feet from the curbed parking!

After walking a few steps, we discovered that one of the three men was the manager who had literally just observed us rehearsing our speech inside the car for 20 minutes! In that moment, I realized that my son, Caleb, actually knew the manager and had informed me of their many conversations about books while he was in high school. I quickly diverted the conversation to this topic to ease the awkwardness of the 20-minute car rehearsal!

Our day was filled with delight as we met many local business managers who were genuinely impressed and interested in our book. To celebrate, we enjoyed a visit to Olive Garden where we gobbled our delicious salads. While I love my extra tomatoes, onions, and pepperoncinis- Kathie decided to nix all of that and throw some extra cheese and Ranch onto hers instead. It seems lettuce and no olives are the only similarities in our salad preferences- however we both love those breadsticks! (Although we passed on them today, clearly utilizing our Superhuman willpower!)

Well, the adventures of the day continued on when while walking out to the car, Kathie reached into her purse for the car keys and managed to release a bunch of business cards in the process. They landed into the road right in front of a car which had to stop and watch us pick them up. Talk about embarrassing! Feeling discombobulated, we quickly walked to our car- only to realize that it was the wrong one.

This is just a sampling of the kind of predicaments we find ourselves in when we are together- which always involves joyous laughter, which we love!