It’s Friday! Welcome back and pull up a chair. We hope everyone is having a great week, and getting through all this cold weather! Brrrr… but, it is a good excuse for more coffee, (hot chocolate, or tea) yep, so pour another cup, and let’s chat a while, cheers. Alright, so what’s newsay? Well… we are excited that February 1, is National FREEDOM Day!


From the New York City skyline, over the golden fields of Kansas, to the edge of southern most Florida oceans the common thread of freedom unites our great country. Freedom to dream, and pursue those dreams. Freedom of speech, and express our words. Freedom to believe and worship. This right to freedom filters into our everyday lives so that “we the people” can wake up each morning and strive to achieve and accomplish anything. Now, y’all, that totally inspires us, and is one of the reasons we wrote our children’s book, “The 1947 Freedom Train.” We have the opportunity to create and use the gifts we were given and leave our unique individual fingerprints of our lives to inspire, and help others. What are your dreams, we would love to hear from you and to know what freedom means to you? If you could write about it in a book, poem, or through a song, what would you say?


So, here we are in this most amazing country that has fought for us and our every freedom. The prices paid by the sacrifices of our brave military men and women for all of us… are as vast as the stars we dream upon. We will always thank and honor them!


Until next time, have a beautiful weekend everyone, encourage, smile, and shine! Stay warm and chat with you soon.