Good morning everyone! You will be glad to know that we have officially (finally) changed out the place mats at the kitchen table to bright spring colors as a reminder of this joyous time of year. A season of color, of everything in blossom, as the birds await the final cue to sing! …Also, ummm… We need extra coffee, as it is kinda still dark these early hours in the morn 🙂 …Sooo let’s talk… Grace, oh the beautiful warmth of grace… like warm honey… from God, from a friend, from someone you just met! Yes… We are so thankful everyday for grace, and for the opportunity in this amazing country to worship and believe the way we want. There are so many lives that have fought for that. So many families that have lost a loved one so that we can all enjoy that freedom of worship. As Easter approaches, we are constantly reminded of the sacrifices that so many brave men and women made so that we can “Praise” in any fashion we want!


In our day-to-day lives, we all may want to achieve a greatness that we can call our own. Somehow make a difference, to impact, to leave an impression on the world, hoping to make it a better place, right? …We love this quote by Mother Teresa, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with GREAT LOVE!” …How amazing and everlasting is this thought. That no matter how small YOU think your actions are making, if you do them “out of love” it is yet a GREAT act that makes a BIG difference! Yehhh! We want to hear from y’all. What is something that YOU want to do for others, what kind of grace have you experienced from others, or God? We welcome your stories. Let’s build community together, get to know each other, and spread love and grace. Talk with you soon, and don’t y’all love all the bright colors of spring! If happiness was a color what would that be for you? Chat soon, until next time, much love.