Hey everyone, hope your week has been a great one, welcome back and happy Fridayyyy. As the pages turn (too quickly) through the month… we can’t help but think about the arriving warmer weather and fun outside activities. The hiking, swimming, water skiing, beach and running trails! …Then I think, yikes… as I look over at the empty candy wrappers that litter my desk:/ …I realize I need to make sure I stay on a healthy track so I can have the energy to enjoy all those fun plans that await! Sooo… I went a searching for some healthy and delicious (fast prep) recipes that weren’t too tricky (for the “not so great” cooks, uhh hummm… like me 🙂 hope you enjoy them!


Sometimes I realize that to get motivated, to “get out there and exercise” …I need to unplug from all the electronics, beeps and tones that constantly knock on my conscious… endless… you know the “too busy excuse” 🙂 … but it is totally true (for me) that sometimes just a long walk without all the electronics can surely help relax the mind…

Healthy Spirit… nothing like The Word, and encouragement through a song to take us to church, and rejuvenate our souls!! Until next week, wishing you health and blessings! Chat again soon 🙂