Welcome everyone, pull up a chair, and let’s chat and share this beautiful bout of Spring that fringes the wind, and has graced our days…. let’s hope it continues. Yehh!!

Sooo, guess what February 17 is y’all? It’s National Random Acts of Kindness Day! We are blessed to say that we have been on the receiving end of kindness “for no other reason” at all… except that the person wanted to help! I remember when I first moved to Nashville, and my car battery went dead, and it was pouring, (I mean monsoon rain), and a nice woman offered to help me, she had some jumper cables. Neither one of us knew exactly “how” to jump off the battery, but we finally figured it out 🙂 …by the end we were both soaking wet, my mascara was running rivers down my face… I will never forget how thoughtful that lady was, and I am forever thankful.


Acts of kindness can filtrate our lives in so many different ways. Sometimes it is a simple smile to someone who may look sad, and saying hello, and asking how they are doing. Sometimes it is paying for someone’s coffee in the Starbucks line. Sometimes it is anonymous giving of funds to an individual or charity. Sometimes it is visiting and singing at the assisted living community. Maybe it’s helping an elderly person across the street, or surprising a friend with flowers. We truly believe that any act of kindness is an immense blessing and can definitely make a difference in a person’s life! It’s like a breath of fresh air, filling our lives with a belief in humanity’s heart. Please share your “random acts of kindness” that you have given, or received! We would love to hear them, and the difference it made in your day or life.


Respect and love for one another… As our world rotates around the sun, and the skies and stars look upon the oceans, lands, trees, streets, and the myriad of people… we can only hope and strive for a reflection that will showcase, “A Wonderful World” …a world that is ever trying to do its best… respecting one another, and most of all sharing love.