Happy Good Friday… and Happy Easter Sunday! …Time to dust and open windows and let the sunshine warm the kitchen table and fill the room! …Yes, let’s rejoice, sing, and celebrate together the Resurrection of Christ! What a wonderful time of year where families and friends gather and enjoy their own special way to welcome Easter! I remember one Easter we went to a church service where you could bring your pets …and there were even llamas there! It was an outside service under cobalt blue skies with wisps of feather white clouds. The breeze seemed to know just when to send a coolness, as the bright green leaves tossed over the tin roof as we sat on wooden benches. We all may have our special things we do for Easter …our traditions… they are like comfort foods that tend to warm the soul with a breath of familiarity. Whether its dying Easter eggs, and having your own Easter egg hunt in the back yard, or going to the church’s big eggstravaganza 😉 …night church service, or sunrise service, …it is a tradition with family and friends! We would love to hear what some of your Easter plans are, and let’s share in this happy time of celebrating the Resurrection!


As we all may know, sometimes there are phases in life where doubts linger around and try to steal our attention. Imagine being at the tomb of Christ and having that faith that He will arise again. Sometimes when fear overrides our faith, we just have to believe, step out and know that Christ is in every part of life… guiding and protecting. Like seasons are to a year, and tides are to oceans, the history of the words in red resound the ignited truth, that He lives!

We can’t wait to hear from you! Chat again soon, …and … I’m thinking coffee sure goes great with Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter Easter candy 🙂 Yum! 😉