Guess what y’all… it’s May. 🙂 …The summer heat is starting to sneak in, and the honeysuckle are elegantly lining the trees! You can hear the lawn mowers as they grace and surround sound the evenings. The smell of fresh cut lawns (mixed with honeysuckle) catch the wind and welcome this beautiful time of year. Time to pour some lemonade and sweet tea, or a fruit smoothie, welcome back! 🙂 …We have a lot to celebrate this month, and one of those significant events is that this is military appreciation month. Yay!!!  We want to celebrate, acknowledge, salute and honor our great military!!! Our hearts are full of gratitude and appreciation for their “gift of so bravely serving and sacrificing for our country.”


Throughout the small towns and streets that connect our great country, there is an illuminating strength and spirit that rings true in the heart of America, and it’s people. The glue that holds our wonderful nation together is that spirit and freedom. Freedom to dream, and achieve. Freedom to believe and worship. Freedom to pursue happiness. We are so thankful to the military for protecting our liberty!!!

Chat with you again soon, Happy May!

~ Connecting America with a Heart of Patriotism~