Book Signings, Radio & TV


Book Signings With a Business:

We kindly request that you utilize your community connections and networks for our Book Signing Event. We are available for any occasion your business may be interested in offering a book signing to your customers. Another possible idea would be to look at our Military Observances and Holiday link on our website. There may be a date that you would like to choose in honoring the military in your community as our book is dedicated to all our military heroes.

Media Plan:

We kindly request that you plan a publicity outreach strategy for securing media attention (E-mail Newsletters, Social Media Sharing, Website Feature, etc.)

Radio and TV:

Just give us a call to schedule a date! We would love to meet your audience! (334) 614-2089

Motivating kids to discover their United States freedoms and
honor the military heroes who paved the way for
all to achieve their American Dream.