Meet Your Best Freedom Friends


We are excited to have the four main characters introduce themselves from The 1947 Freedom Train! We would like you to know that Justin, Jaden, Libby and Sonia are actively involved in the FREEDOM BLOG at their school. They also have been inspired by serving Veterans in their community through the H.E.L.P. (Help Each Loyal Patriot) Community Service Project started at their school. They encourage you to find out more about the FREEDOM BLOG and H.E.L.P. on our website.



Hey there, I’m Justin! As you know, I have an amazing Grandpa who has taught me to be curious and ask questions. I really like thinking of new ideas and working together with my friends. After school, I practice baseball and that’s how I met my best friend Jaden. On the weekends, I get together with a few friends and play music. We have a band called, Jam and I’m the drummer. I love school and my favorite subject is reading. I hope you enjoy reading The 1947 Freedom Train because its a home run hit about America’s FREEDOM!



Hi y’all, my name is Libby! I am so excited Grandma Pearl is coming to watch my best friend Sonia and I play in our soccer game! Go Racers! Later on I will be practicing the piano to get ready for my recital. I have always loved writing stories and poems and I want to write songs someday. I love thinking through stories and figuring out the best ending for the characters. My favorite color is red and that’s one of the colors of our cheerleading uniform! Would you believe our uniforms are the same color as the Freedom Train? Give me an F-R-E-E-D-O-M! What’s that spell?… FREEDOM!!!



Hello everyone, my name is Jaden! Growing up, my mom always encouraged me to be a leader. I love learning how everything works, especially in science, and won 1st place at the fair. This encouraged me to start an afterschool science club where we can explore and ask all kinds of questions. One of my hobbies is learning to play the electric guitar. Baseball is my favorite sport. I play pitcher and my best friend Justin plays 1st base. I plan to knock it out of the park chasing my American dream! Go America!



Hola’ friends my name is Sonia! I just climbed down from my tree fort that my dad and I built in our backyard. My favorite subject is math, so I loved measuring the wood and counting the number of boards we would need for the fort. Libby is my best friend and we even bought matching BFF bracelets! I enjoy learning to play the violin and I keep practicing everyday. Cheerleading is so much fun and we love making up our own cheers! Our favorite cheer is when we say, Give me an A-M-E-R-I-C-A… What do we love?… AMERICA!


Let’s raise our hands together and join these Americans from the past to continue to uphold the Freedom Pledge today!


Always remember the 1947 Freedom Train Slogan… Freedom is Everybody’s Job!