We are very excited you have found our book and want you to know that it is a perfect read-aloud for grades K-2nd students (Ages 5-8) and a compelling read for children in 3rd grade and above (Ages 9 and up). The illustrations are captivatingly beautiful and will engage your child throughout the entire story.

We truly believe our book is sure to be a family favorite for teaching patriotic values and we hope you will think of our book for birthdays, Christmas holidays, or a teacher thank you gift!

Another great idea would be to bless a military family for their service as our book is, “Respectfully dedicated to all those in the military—past, present, and future for their gift of service and for so bravely serving and sacrificing for our country.” Please see our list of military holidays and observances for ideas. You may also want to think about a 4th of July present for your family to celebrate our nation’s birthday!


Here are some fantastic ideas of ways you can volunteer at your child’s school or homeschool organization. Please consider joining together with other parents to help bring your child’s school to a greater place of understanding and experiencing of the rich freedom we are provided with in the United States. Along with this, helping your child’s school to honor and thank our active-duty military and Veterans will give students the opportunity to grow up with a great understanding and gratitude towards all those who have given us these tremendous privileges.

Programs, Clubs, and Events

  1. Plan an Author Visit program with Kathy Maggart, to read The 1947 Freedom Train!
  2. Volunteer to help organize and oversee the FREEDOM BLOG at your child’s school.
  3. Volunteer to help organize and oversee a H.E.L.P. club at your school. Connect with Veteran-serving organizations in your community to reach out and help Veterans to show your appreciation.
  4. Plan a patriotic breakfast to be served to the Veterans visiting the school. Breakfast can include pancakes with strawberries and blueberries! Provide patriotic décor for the tables (patriotic placemats made by students). Find local florist donate a patriotic flower arrangements. Cafeteria and/or local restaurant can provide food.

Field Trips and Outings

Here are just a few ideas to get started with planning field trips or outings with your students. Enjoy these memorable ideas!

  1. Take your child to any Veteran honoring museums in your area.
  2. Help your child locate Veterans in your community Assisted Living to share their creative works of what FREEDOM means to them and have the opportunity to say, “Thank you!”
  3. Find Veterans living in your community Assisted Living Homes or Convalescent Homes for students to share their creative works of what FREEDOM means to them and have the opportunity to say, “Thank you!” Sing some patriotic songs!
  4. Take your students to a local Train Museum.

Cooking Activities

Here are ideas to get you started cooking with some fun learning activities about the 1947 Freedom Train. Remember to integrate measurement and other math related concepts into the activity as well!

  1. Use Graham crackers and white frosting to create an edible 1947 Freedom Train. Use red and blue M&M’s to make the red and blue stripes.
  2. Make a cake in the shape of the Freedom Train. Make (8) 13X9 sheet cakes (1 for the engine, 7 for the train cars), cut in half horizontally and make 2 layers of cake for the height of the train. Frost with white frosting and make the stripes with red and blue M&Ms or red and blue raspberry licorice.
  3. Make a cupcake flag as shown here with white fondant stars!

Freedom Blog 4 Kids

Freedom Blog 4 KidsTeachers- Here is an opportunity to start a freedom dialogue among your students! Potentially a club could be formed with adult supervision to monitor the blog and praise the language and acts of caring that promote freedom inside your school or homeschool community.

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Help Each Loyal Patriot (H.E.L.P.)

kids saluting Here is a fantastic Community Service project your school or organization can consider starting. It will be exciting to find out about organizations where you live that are helping American Veterans and their widows and families.

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