"I am very impressed with the 1947 Freedom Train Children’s book. It is a captivatingly beautiful book that will surely engage readers with its heartfelt, important story. Great for a child to read or for an adult to read to them!"

Ken JohnstonExecutive Director & Director of Programs/EducationNational Civil War Naval Museum

"The 1947 Freedom Train is an absolute delight for all readers. Who can fail to be intrigued as the children hear about the travels of the Freedom Train and charmed as the children make the story their own in a very real way. A grandfather’s memory becomes the seed for a freedom train for a new generation!"

Tom HackettProvost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Columbus State University, Superintendent Phenix City Schools, Retired

"The 1947 Freedom Train is a delightful and educational book about a very interesting part of our American History. There are not too many people that remember or still talk about this event. As a former teacher, I would have loved to of had this book added to my lessons on American History. As a mom and Director of Education and Volunteers at the National Infantry Museum, I will recommend it to the parents and teachers that bring their children here."

Lora Davis WarrenDirector of Education and Volunteer ServicesNational Infantry Museum

“It is often said that if you do not know where you are going, any road will get you there. I also believe that in order to appreciate where you are, you must trace the path that got you there. That is exactly what this book does. The 1947 Freedom Train is not only the story of the foundation of our freedom, it is the base piece for patriotism. We cannot take our freedoms and those who sacrificed to secure those freedoms for granted. This wonderful book fills that gap and provides information on the path that our forefathers followed to secure them for us. It is especially important that young Americans who are growing up in the troubled world in which we live understand that freedom is not free, we have to sacrifice to maintain our liberties. This book should be required reading in schools across our nation. GOD BLESS AMERICA!”

Carmen James CavezzaLieutenant General(3-STAR), U. S. Army Retired

"Grandpa Charles’s retelling of the 1947 Freedom Train is a sweet reminder of the liberties, freedoms, and equalities guaranteed to all American citizens. Most importantly, though, in this story Justin, Libby, Jaden, and Sonia remind us of two very important truths: we have much to be grateful for as Americans and American democracy is indeed a participatory process. Like the children in this book, we must all make sure that we’re doing what we can to keep democracy well and alive in our beloved country. "

Belle Harrell, Ph.D.U.S. History and Social Studies High School

"The historical fiction book, The 1947 Freedom Train, is excellent. Kathy Maggart and Kathie Eidson bring the story of a historical event to life with wonderful vocabulary and the use of story telling at its best. This story will make any American feel proud. The illustrator Skip Bowers, goes one step further by bringing the pages to life with his vivid artwork. If you are looking for a book that will help your children feel proud about being an American, look no further than The 1947 Freedom Train."

Kim WigginsARI Alabama State Department of Education

"My hope is that this well-written book will spark the children's curiosity to learn more about our founding fathers and the historic documents upon which our nation was founded and that they will think about their rights and duties as an American."

Dave WatsonU.S. Marine Guard who served aboard the 1947 Freedom Train

"I purchased 4 books to give to each of my grandchildren. The 1947 Freedom Train gives an excellent example of why it is so important to pass stories down from generation to generation about this wonderful country in which we live. The 1947 Freedom Train gives children a lesson in understanding an important part of this great nation's history and the concept that our freedom wasn't free. It came at a great cost and should never be taken for granted."

Patti Parker

"The 1947 Freedom Train is a brilliantly written, lively tribute to an important historical event in U.S.history. Every page comes to life with detailed and engaging illustrations as the words pull the reader deeper into the story. Developmentally appropriate, this is a must-have book for children in or out of the classroom!"

Kelly BostProfessor of Human DevelopmentUniversity of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
Motivating kids to discover their United States freedoms and
honor the military heroes who paved the way for
all to achieve their American Dream.