Skype Visit Option

1. Please read information above under Guidelines for Author Visit and On the Day of the Visit for cost and details.

2. Person in charge of the coordinating the Skype can contact Kathy Maggart by phone or email to plan the details.

3. The number of Pre-order Forms for autographed copies needs to be received 4 weeks prior to the Author Visit so that books can arrive to the school prior to Skype Author Visit. Orders are welcome after the initial order and shipment, and will be shipped after the visit.




Author Travel Expense

  1. All expenses will be covered by the author for schools and organizations within a one-hour travel distance from the author’s home in Phenix City, Alabama.
  2. All expenses (Air fare, car rental, car gas, hotel) will be covered by schools or organizations with more than an hour travel distance for all that apply.