Small Group Activities

    1. Freedom Train Day … invite Veterans and active-duty military to school to hear their stories and thank them for their service.
    2. Start a H.E.L.P. (Help Each Loyal Patriot) service project in your school by connecting with Veterans organizations in your community. Brainstorm together to come up with ways the school can assist in meeting the needs of Veterans being helped by these organizations. When you have time, plan to volunteer with these organizations to express and show your appreciation for their service of maintaining the freedoms you enjoy in the U.S.A.
    3. Start a school blog for students (with adult supervision) to dialogue about the discussion questions and opportunities at the end of The 1947 Freedom Train book. Students would have the opportunity to blog about how they are supporting one another. A group of interested students would be responsible for reading and commenting on the blogs. Create a Blog Bulletin Board where you can highlight (Top 10 Blogs) of what students are doing inside the school to promote new beginnings starting from caring ideas. This blog could create a teamwork and team-building environment inside the school.
    4. Create a skit or video to advertise to each grade level about the school’s FREEDOM blog to encourage everyone to jump on board!
    5. Plan a Veteran-honoring event: (Invite Veterans and active-duty military parents or those from the community)
      • Everyone wears red, white and blue.
      • Make a huge flag cake out of red white and blue cupcakes, put 50 stars on it.
      • Red white and blue helium balloons to send up in the sky and say with Veterans and their families standing in the center of the circle … THANK YOU FOR OUR FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Paint a big flag on butcher paper and have them run through it into the center of the circle to honor them.
      • Invite them to P.E. and have your students experience calisthenics military style.
      • Invite them to wear military uniforms and explain all the medals on the uniform, bring MRE’s.
      • Bring any equipment that would be of interest.
      • Bring short video clips of training.
      • Invite them to watch the Reader’s Theatre production.
      • Invite them to share how they use (reading, math, computers, technology, science, music, art, teamwork, personal goal setting, help with environmental issues or catastrophe’s in their job (bring any props/tools available to show)
      • Bring in their personal pets from home that would be a safe situation.
      • Bring their families with them … parents, spouses, children, siblings.
      • Invite them to play their musical instrument and play a patriotic song of their choice.
    6. Have a Freedom parade march through the school, singing the Freedom Train for Kids Rap song, and waving small flags to honor the Veterans. Have the Veterans marching in the parade or sit and watch as the parade goes by.
      • Make twirling steamers for students to walk in parade. Staple one red, white or blue streamer to individual heavy-duty straws for students to twirl.
      • Have each class make a freedom float on a wagon to pull in the parade.
      • Have each class make a freedom banner to carry in the parade.
      • Have kids sitting and lining the throughway popping large and small bubble wrap to sound like fireworks going off as the parade marches by.
      • Invite members of the Junior High or High School band to come and play patriotic music for the Veteran honoring event.
      • Storytelling – Invite a Veteran to your class to answer the question, What would you like the world to know about the people you served with? What was the favorite place you lived while serving in the military and why? (Provide a letter to give to military personnel to invite and explain the event and their possible way to participate)

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Motivating kids to discover their United States freedoms and
honor the military heroes who paved the way for
all to achieve their American Dream.