Project Activities

  1. Write your own idea of what Freedom means and your goal of using that freedom in your future.
  2. What impacted you most in learning about the 1947 Freedom Train?
  3. If you were living in 1947, which of these documents—Declaration of Independence, Constitution, or the Bill of Rights—would you have been most interested in seeing aboard the Freedom Train? Write about it and explain why. Declaration of Independencepdficon_small   Bill of Rightspdficon_small  Constitution for Younger Kidspdficon_small Constitutionpdficon_small
  4. How would you feel if you were able to go aboard the 1947 Freedom Train today? Write about it and explain why, or tape-record your thinking.
  5. Set goals on how you plan to set up a learning center or a project for others to learn more about the 1947 Freedom Train.
  6. Write or tape record about a memory you have of a time when you experienced what freedom means to you.
  7. If you could be the school President how would you promote freedom in your school community?
  8. Choose a city where the Freedom Train stopped. Write about why you would like to travel to that city.

U.S. Constitution in Simple English prepared by Elizabeth Claire, MATESOL, publisher of Easy English NEWS

The 1947 Freedom Train is sure to be a family favorite and teacher treasure
for generations to come.
It’s an untold story that inspires patriotism, respect for all our military heroes,
and appreciation of our great freedoms!