Music Intelligence Activities

  1. Create music to the Freedom Train for Kids Rap lyrics. Wave small American flags while performing. Freedom Train For Kids Rap lyricspdficon_small
  2. Make up a rap about the U.S. Founding documents aboard the train. Declaration of Independencepdficon_small  Constitutionpdficon_small  Bill of Rightspdficon_small  Constitution for Younger Kidspdficon_small
  3. Write lyrics and music about Freedom.
  4. Write lyrics and music about the 1947 Freedom Train. Include playing a wooden train whistle.
  5. Write lyrics and music about honoring and thanking Veterans.
  6. Create a movement/choreograph a dance to patriotic songs that honor our Veterans and Military.
  7. Learn and perform a patriotic song on your musical instrument.
  8. Whistle or hum a patriotic song, add harmonies if possible.
  9. Create a Musical Human Body Board game called, Trackin’ Freedom Train Facts:
    1. Print out the Freedom Train Fact Small Game Cardspdficon_small or the Math Fact Small Game Cardspdficon_small with questions on front and answers on back of standard size sheets of laminated cardstock. These shuffled cards are held by game leader.
    2. Create a RR track on standard white cardstock. Color or paint the track, then laminate. Then lay the RR track cards on the floor to walk around (Write numbers 1- the number you need- on the RR track floor cards).
      Printable LARGE Railroad Track (Curve Pieces) pdficon_small
      Printable LARGE Railroad Track (Straight Pieces) pdficon_small
      * Plan to print out the number of STRAIGHT RR track pieces you will need to make the size of track necessary to accommodate for your size group. 
    3. Play patriotic music. When game leader stops the music, they pull a question/answer card off the top of deck. Whoever is standing on the number answers that question. If they answer the question correctly, they keep the card. If they answer incorrectly the card returns to the bottom of the deck without telling the answer. Whoever collects the most cards by the end of the game, wins!
Motivating kids to discover their United States freedoms and
honor the military heroes who paved the way for
all to achieve their American Dream.