Art Intelligence


1. Use your imagination and create your own 7-car Freedom Train out of cardboard boxes, refrigerator boxes, shoe boxes, etc. Decorate with: paint, crayons, markers, tissue paper & starch, yarn, string, rope, glitter, crepe paper, streamers, fabric, butcher paper, cardstock, poster board, colored glue (add paint to glue), bingo markers, car tires, bike wheels, wagon wheels, Christmas lights, rakes, fishing poles, hub caps, touch lights… there is no limit on ideas.

IMG_1977parade2 parade12. Make an enlarged map of the U.S. cities only (Use the Oce machine at Kinkos- Feed the (U.S. Mappdficon_small) on the 8½ x 11 sheet of paper into the machine and it will create a large scale picture). Label the cities and towns. Then draw a line to show the route the Freedom Train traveled. Train Route Map and Itinerary

3. Draw a picture of the 1947 Freedom Train.

4. President Harry Truman has asked you to design a future Freedom Train. Draw a picture to show what would it look like.

5. Design and make a red, white and blue paper quilt with names of the 330 cities/towns of states that the Freedom train stopped at in the order from the first to the last city. Glue the design to butcher paper and hang. 1947-1949 Freedom Train Itinerarypdficon_small

6. Design a poster about the historical Freedom train coming to your city to invite people to come aboard the train and see the treasures. Include exciting facts. Facts About the 1947 Freedom Trainpdficon_small

7. Make a timeline of events that led to the development of the Freedom Train. William Coblenz Storypdficon_small

8. Use a camera to take pictures of the Reader’s Theatre and then design and create a bulletin board/poster to show the photographs of this special event. Write captions for each of the pictures shown.

9. Invite a local artist or local college student to come to your school and show how they would draw and paint a picture of the 1947 Freedom Train. Invite the artist to bring other samples of their work to share as well.

10. Use computer-assisted-design software to draw and paint a picture of the 1947 Freedom Train.

11. Build a model of the 1947 Freedom Train out of Legos.

12. Design a ticket to board the Freedom Train.

Motivating kids to discover their United States freedoms and
honor the military heroes who paved the way for
all to achieve their American Dream.