Hey everyone! Gather round, relax… and let’s have a great time talking about… Spring Break! Yeh! Many of you are probably on your way soon to a Spring family vacay. Yes, it’s that beautiful time of year, the transition to warmer weather, short sleeves, flip flops, and the kaleidoscope of flowers and trees that sprinkle Easter colors along the roadsides. This month has us thinking about all the amazing places in America that there are to visit, and learn about! There are so many journeys that await, and we are so proud of this vast, different, enriched, and fascinating nation that we live in. Soooo here are just a few of the destinations that are definitely on our list, hopefully one day! Please share your favorite locations you have visited in the U.S., or the ones you dream to road trip to! 🙂



America… YOU are awesome, and we salute you, and all those that have fought throughout history to preserve you and our freedom! We truly believe that our epic landscapes and terrains and the vibrant people that make up the fabric of “who we are” …totally reflect the spirit that prevails in our country, giving it complete artistic freedom to express itself. God Bless America! We love you!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone, and we shall chat again soon! Blessings!