What Does Freedom Mean to You?

Here is a fun way to express yourself and your thinking and find an audience to share it with!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Record a video clip
  2. Create a dance to patriotic music
  3. Write a song
  4. Write a rap
  5. Write a poem
  6. Write a story
  7. Draw a picture… you could use… paint, water color, chalk, colored glue, pencil, colored pencil, marker… unlimited ideas…
  8. Write a speech
  9. Start a Freedom Garage Band… put on a show
  10. Design a U.S. Flag to decorate your bedroom… you could use any art supplies you want… unlimited ideas
  11. Make a collage… unlimited ideas
  12. Take photographs and make a FREEDOM PHOTO ALBUM
  13. Take photographs at a Veteran Honoring Memorial or Museum and make a photo album with captions to tell what you learned
  14. Make up a FREEDOM cheer
  15. Plan a red, white and blue party with your friends to celebrate your FREEDOM and have everyone bring their creative expression of FREEDOM to share… everyone could wear red, white and blue and serve red, white and blue foods…
  16. Have an adult help you find Veterans living in Assisted Living or Convalescent Care facilities and make an opportunity to share your patriotic creative self with them to say, “THANK YOU!”

This ideas list is unlimited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!