Kathy Maggart, Senator Bob Dole, Lora Warren;
National Infantry Museum Education Director
Senator Bob Dole was honored at the NIM as a WW11 Veteran

Carmen James Cavezza
Lieutenant General, U. S. Army Retired

“It is often said that if you do not know where you are going, any road will get you there.
I also believe that in order to appreciate where you are, you must trace the path that got you there.
That is exactly what this book does. The 1947 Freedom Train is not only the story
of the foundation of our freedom, it is the base piece for patriotism.
We cannot take our freedoms and those who sacrificed to secure those freedoms for granted.
This wonderful book fills that gap and provides information
on the path that our forefathers followed to secure them for us.
It is especially important that young Americans who are growing up in the troubled world in which we live
understand that freedom is not free,
we have to sacrifice to maintain our liberties.
This book should be required reading in schools across our nation.

Lieutenant General Cavezza, a 3-Star General, was inducted into the
Georgia Military Veteran’s Hall of Fame Class of 2016.
He has earned numerous combat awards:
Combat Infantryman Badge, Air Medal (Valor), Purple Heart, Bronze Star Medal (Valor),
Distinguished Flying Cross, and the Silver Star (2).

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About the Book

1947_Freedom_Train_Cover_400x268This is a fictional story about a historical event that will help remind children of the important documents that protect the freedom of Americans. The real-life 1947 Freedom Train carried the nation’s vital historical documents around the country to show them to Americans of all ages. The Freedom Train’s journey helped viewers see the laws that have worked to protect freedom for all Americans since the founding of the country. Learning about the 1947 Freedom Train will also help today’s children see the importance of honoring the men and women who have secured the country’s freedoms, allowing its citizens to continue to live at peace.

Children will be inspired and motivated to impact the world themselves. As Grandpa Charles says in telling Justin, Libby, Jaden, and Sonia about the 1947 Freedom Train, “New beginnings all start from caring ideas.”

For our Educators

Our book, The 1947 Freedom Train, and the learning activities we designed, have the goal of inspiring a natural curiosity with motivation for students to learn about America’s founding documents. We have provided reading, math, art, music, movement, theatre, science, small group, community services, club and technology activity ideas.


Boys and Girls!

kids_in_train_200What Does FREEDOM mean to YOU?
You can share your thoughts in so many ways. We’ve got some ideas on how to express yourself and find an audience to share it with!



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Meet your Best Freedom Friends from the book

Freedom Blog 4 Kids

Freedom Blog 4 KidsTeachers- Here is an opportunity to start a freedom dialogue among your students! Potentially a club could be formed with adult supervision to monitor the blog and praise the language and acts of caring that promote freedom inside your school or homeschool community. Let the caring ideas begin- FREEDOM RULES!

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Help Each Loyal Patriot (H.E.L.P.)

kids saluting Here is a fantastic Community Service project your school or organization can consider starting. It will be exciting to find out about organizations where you live that are helping American Veterans and their widows and families.

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National Train Day

Freedom Blog 4 Kids National Train Day This Year: Saturday, May 13, 2017.
What a great idea to book an author visit on the week before or after National Train Day!
Click here to learn about past events and upcoming National Train Day events for 2017! Would you like to visit a train station? How about booking a train adventure? Jump on board and Click here to find out more information about train station locations, rides, trips or tours around the USA!

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Meet US Marine Guard Dave Watson!

Dave Watson We had the honor and privilege to meet Dave Watson, a former U.S. Marine guard aboard the real-life 1947 Freedom Train. Here on our website you can view the video interview we recorded at his home!

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The 1947 Freedom Train is sure to be a family favorite and teacher treasure
for generations to come.
It’s an untold story that inspires patriotism, respect for all our military heroes,
and appreciation of our great freedoms!