Freedom Train for Kids

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All Aboard the freedom train!

Patriotic books connecting kids across America with a heart full of love for our country!

The Books

We invite you to join us to have fun learning about history! Right here at your fingertips are our innovative books, All Aboard America’s Freedom Train and America’s Patriotic Freedom Train that will bring your young patriotic heroes together and definitely take the boring out of history!

As authors and educators, parents and grandparents, we realize what a treasure it is to have resources such as these that are so powerful. Our books are not just about facts and dates in history, but are filled with positive messages that will positively connect kids, neighborhoods, communities, and beyond...

Motivational Messages

  • Give families and educators the opportunity to talk about our great country and about patriotism and what it means.

  • Give kids the opportunity to learn that America is a wonderful place to live because we are free and are free to chase our dreams.

  • Inspire kids to know they are heroes, and leaders of the future.

  • Motivate kids to construct caring ideas that can change the world.

  • Will help kids realize, recognize, and respect the military and their families who have sacrificed tremendously for our freedoms.

Best Freedom Friends

Ignite a spirit of patriotism

America’s Patriotic Freedom Train is an exciting story, designed to instill a deep respect and love for our country, our people, and our freedoms. I hope every child in America embraces this book and that it forever ignites a spirit of patriotism. It’s a great book for readers of all ages.” 

-General Ann E Dunwoody, United States Army, Retired, America's First Female 4-Star General

Freedom Train For A New Generation

America’s Patriotic Freedom Train is an absolute delight for all readers. Who can fail to be intrigued as the children hear about the travels of the Freedom Train and charmed as the children make the story their own in a very real way. A grandfather’s memory becomes the seed for a Freedom Train for a new generation!” 

-Dr. Tom Hacket Provost and Vice President For Academic Affairs, Columbus State University Retired; Superintendent Phenix City Schools Retired

A celebration of the dreams that built a country

“What a gift to be able to ignite a dialogue with our young people about what it means to be free! This book is a celebration of the dreams that built a country. Building on the nuts and bolts of friendship and imagination, America’s Patriotic Freedom Train develops a sensitivity to the responsibility we have—both young and old—to protect freedom’s legacy.”

-Leanne Inskeep, Army Wife and Mom