Fireworks for the Freedom Train!

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Ignite a spirit of patriotism

America’s Patriotic Freedom Train is an exciting story, designed to instill a deep respect and love for our country, our people, and our freedoms. I hope every child in America embraces this book and that it forever ignites a spirit of patriotism. It’s a great book for readers of all ages.”

-General Ann E Dunwoody, United States Army, Retired, America's First Female 4-Star General

Journey on the Freedom Train

"America’s Patriotic Freedom Train puts a patriotic and inspirational event in chapter book form, giving a whole new age group the chance to take their own journey on the Freedom Train.”

-BG (Ret) Peter L. Jones, President and COO National Infantry Museum Foundation

Terrific addition to any library

“The National Infantry Association is proud to endorse your wonderful book, America's Patriotic Freedom Train. This is a phenomenal effort aimed at making our children understand our Nation, our Freedoms, and Patriotism. This is a terrific addition to any child’s library.”

-COL(Ret) Robert E. Choppa, President and COO, National Infantry Association

Sparks curiosity

“My hope is that this well-written book will spark the children’s curiosity to learn more about our founding fathers and the historic documents upon which our nation was founded and that they will think about their rights and duties as an American.”

-Dave Watson, U.S. Marine Guard who served aboard the 1947 Freedom Train

Developing Future Leaders

"It is a pleasure to offer my most enthusiastic endorsement of America's Patriotic Freedom Train. I applaud you and your colleagues and submit that your work should be on the bookshelves of every child in the U.S.A.

Freedom is not free! Our youth should know the story of the founding of our republic and be grounded thoroughly in the traditional values of liberty and sacrifice that are the cornerstones of our great nation. Your book tells this valuable story in a compelling, powerful way.

In an era when only 50 percent of the adults in our nation can name correctly our three branches of government, educating our young people on our founding values becomes even more critical. Your work is crucial to the proper development of the future leaders of our society, and I appreciate you!"

-Jack Hawkins Jr., Ph.D., Troy University Chancellor

Freedom Train For A New Generation

America’s Patriotic Freedom Train is an absolute delight for all readers. Who can fail to be intrigued as the children hear about the travels of the Freedom Train and charmed as the children make the story their own in a very real way. A grandfather’s memory becomes the seed for a Freedom Train for a new generation!”

-Dr. Tom Hackett, Provost and Vice President For Academic Affairs, Columbus State University Retired; Superintendent Phenix City Schools, Retired

A great resource for working with kids

“This is an incredible children’s book that will spark a child’s curiosity about the adventures of the Freedom Train. Not only is it a great book for children… but it is a great resource for anyone working with kids. It truly is a must read!”

-Dr. Jana' L. Sparks, Former Elementary Principal; Assistant Professor in the College of Education, Auburn University at Montgomery

Feel proud to be an American

“If you are looking for a book that will help your children feel proud about being an American, look no further than America’s Patriotic Freedom Train.”

-Kim Wiggins, Former Elementary Teacher, Former ARI Regional Support Specialist - Alabama State Department of Education, Academic Instructional Coach EdS; MCSD, Columbus, GA

A Celebration of the Dreams that Built a Country

“What a gift to be able to ignite a dialogue with our young people about what it means to be free! This book is a celebration of the dreams that built a country. Building on the nuts and bolts of friendship and imagination, America’s Patriotic Freedom Train develops a sensitivity to the responsibility we have—both young and old—to protect freedom’s legacy.”

-Leanne Inskeep, Army Wife and Mom

Fosters Creativity and Imagination

"This living book is an excellent consolidation of history and reading, while also fostering creativity and imagination. Any young reader will be engaged by the storyline while encouraged to take pride in our nation's roots and develop a better understanding of what patriotism truly means."

-Bethany Fischer, M.A. Curriculum & Instruction; Homeschool Mom & Former School Teacher; Founder, Homeschool Lifeline

A fun book to read

“I liked it because it was helpful for me in learning more about history. It was a fun book to read because of the Freedom Train, and the ways the characters acted it all out.”

-Ryon, 5th Grade

The ride of your life

“Inspirational book that will encourage readers to explore America’s history. Get ready for the ride of your life!”

-Morgan, 4th Grade

Makes learning history fun

"I loved this chapter book, it was very interesting and not too long. The children were so creative with the way they used cool things to build the Freedom Train. It was fun to learn the history about the 1947 Freedom Train, and Sonia was my favorite character.”

-Stellar, 3rd Grade

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