Freedom Train For Kids Foundation

Patriotic children’s books connecting kids across America with a heart full of love for our country!

All Aboard America's Freedom Train

PreK–2nd Grade

America's Patriotic Freedom Train

3rd–5th Grade

Freedom Train For Kids Foundation

Freedom Train For Kids Foundation is embarking on a patriotic children’s book literacy initiative. We envision seeing our unique books being placed in the hands of every child in schools across America.

Your donation will help our team to distribute these exceptional books into schools, homeschool groups, daycares, churches, YMCA, and libraries. Watch for Freedom Train For Kids coming down the tracks with:

- Author Visits
- Book Signing Events
- Book Tours

Kids are the heroes of our future! The Freedom Train For Kids family is leading a generation of young heroes who will be taking footsteps into the future, and leaving patriotic footprints for younger generations to follow in… all waving the American flag of patriotism.

We invite you to join us hand in hand with kids across America to help support our educational literacy initiative to impact future generations so they can achieve their dreams.

Your $100 gift, will provide 10 children (PreK-2nd grade) to receive their own copy of All Aboard America's Freedom Train.

Your $100 gift, will provide 25 children (3rd-5th grade) to receive their own copy of America's Patriotic Freedom Train.

You can partner with us by donating below or mailing a check to this address:

Freedom Train For Kids Foundation
7003 Chadwick Drive, Suite 354
Brentwood, TN 37027

Thank you for your donation!

Tim & Kathy Maggart, Directors