Meet The Authors

Kathy Maggart


Kathy grew up in a Navy family, served as an Army wife, is the mother of a soldier who served, and a daughter. Earning her M.A. degree in elementary education from Troy University, she focused on innovative strategies to help implement the process of learning.

Kathy has taught first and second grades for many years with a passion for teaching children to read. She also enjoys camping, cozy fires and eating burnt marshmallows! Popcorn is most definitely her favorite snack and she actually drinks apple cider year-round hot or cold.

Kathy loves creating, cooking, and a great conversation with dear friends, especially when grilling food outdoors on her back patio. Sharing life stories and laughter always makes for the best time! 

Kathie Eidson


Kathie is an Auburn University Alum, and the mother of one son and three daughters, whom she homeschooled for many years. When homeschooling, she strived to make learning fun through creative art projects, science experiments, field trips, book clubs, and fort building. 

You can often find Kathie on the back porch writing songs, or under a tree writing poetry. She also has a passion for painting and fashion design. She is a science geek and loves to read-- when she can find her glasses. Her favorite color is sunrise. 

Kathie enjoys running in the morning and listening to music at night – when not talking with her twin sister Kelly, on the phone. She has a deep love for our country and holds in high regard all members of our military and their families. 

Jon Macgregor



Learn more about Jon's Art:

Jon is an artist, illustrator, and the youngest of eight children of a military family. His dad served for thirty years in the Army and his four brothers are currently serving.

While traveling, the rich art and architecture of Europe made an early impression on Jon, from the French Impressionists to the American Realist painters. In his free time, he enjoys writing, reading, and especially about art history and important people that changed the world.

Jon can also be seen painting a landscape outside, discovering new cafes, and going to art museums. He received his Bachelor of Fine Art degree from Columbus State University.  

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